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The Admired Advisor Podcast

Aug 10, 2020

In this episode, Steve talks with Dr. Randall Stutman of CRA Inc, and founder of The Admired Leadership Institute. Randal has been instrumental in helping launch the Buckingham Strategic Partners’ Admired Advisor program. 

Early in his career, Randall focused on researching truly special leaders. At the time, he was focused more on demographics and psychological traits as data points. But when he started to see that people who have great outcomes aren’t necessarily great leaders, he realized he needed to focus more on followership as a companion to results-based leadership. 

Dr. Stutman has lots of advice on what it means to be an admired leader and how to attain great leadership. His deep research gives him insights generally unheard elsewhere and he uses those insights to teach others how to become great leaders. 

"If you know how to give feedback to a 58-year-old in a really powerful way, then it works with an 8-year-old, too. Therefore, you should be doing it all the time.” ~ Dr. Randall Stutman

Main Takeaways

  • It’s tough to find leaders that are results-oriented and also inspire and create a following from the people they oversee. The Admired Leadership Institute seeks to train people to be both. 
  • The first step in becoming a better leader is to understand who you are and your own preferences, tendencies, and traits. The next is to understand the same thing about the people with whom you work. The final step is accounting for the differences between the two. 
  • We respect and engage people that are consistent. Don’t do impactful things for temporary benefits, but to build long-term habits.
  • Redundancy, not repetition, is important for your communication as a leader. 

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