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The Admired Advisor Podcast

Sep 27, 2021

In this episode, Steve talks with Jim Dischert, Founder and CEO of Three Sixty Wealth Management.

Since 1995, Jim has been helping business magnates and wealthy investors secure their future with long-term investment and retirement plans. One of the turning points in Jim’s career was his journey to reassessing who his ideal client was and understanding how he could best deploy his staff and energy to offer better service. An outcome of that work included a 30 percent reduction in his client base. Even throughout that process, he still put his clients first by helping those clients that were no longer a fit for his firm find a new advisor that was better suited to their needs.

Jim talks with Steve about the core strengths of a successful client base, ways of implementing client segmentation, and strategies for how to maintain professional relationships in your business.

“When we talk about going through a transition, client segmentation and identifying the ideal clients are equally important to identify the strengths of a  firm. Not only do we evaluate and segment our clients, but we also look at the professional relationships that we have and how we can better align ourselves.” ~ Jim Dischert

Main Takeaways 

  • When going into a transition, the first step is to look at your business model and evaluate how the segmentation for your clients will be efficiently implemented.
  • Two driving factors for a successful transition include offering top-of-the-line service that focuses on client's needs and helping them leverage their time, effort, and focus for other more important life goals.
  • Client segmentation and scouting for the ideal clients are as important as identifying your strengths as a firm. Firms should focus on maximizing a client's income, reducing the taxes that they pay, and simplifying everything for them.
  • You must have a clear mission and vision, and be ready to pivot and say “no” when your performance and efficiency are at risk.

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