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The Admired Advisor Podcast

Mar 15, 2021

In this episode, Steve talks with Stephanie Mackara of Charleston Investment Advisors in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Stephanie’s path to advisory is unique. After starting an investment management firm and moving to South Carolina to escape the Philadelphia winters, Stephanie started looking for people to work with. She called a local advisor and asked him a simple question – do you have a succession plan? The conversation that followed landed Stephanie an ownership stake in his company.

There weren’t many RIAs in Charleston at the time, and Stephanie’s experience has had a big impact, along with a love for serving others and her commitment to community involvement. 

Stephanie and Steve discuss how passion helps us manage time and clients, the long-reaching implications of financial socialization, and why growth only happens for the proactive.

“Find a way to channel the things that make you different – for me, it’s often through writing or even speaking at events. But showing people who you are, and how you can help them, and that you really truly care and have empathy for them and what it is they’re trying to accomplish. I think that’s what I’ve learned and that’s just how I run the business today.” ~ Stephanie Mackara

Main Takeaways 

  • Advising is a helping profession before a sales profession. If you lose sight of striving to help others, you’ll lose your clients. Approach your career with a “serve first” mindset. 
  • Financial socialization is the process in which children learn money habits. As parents, we often teach our children money lessons without realizing it, so we must be mindful about the things we say. Understanding your own financial socialization will help you change your financial habits and guide your kids’ money mindset. 
  • Spend time doing what you’re passionate about. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to finish everything on your to-do list. Clients always pick up on a passionless advisor. And when it comes to big choices, while it may sound cliche, always trust your gut. 
  • Look outside the financial industry for inspiration because chances are, that’s where your clients live.

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